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The Process - Sunbelt Valve Body BuildersSunbelt Valve Body Builders The Process - Sunbelt Valve Body Builders
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The Process

1. Inspected – Tested

4. Cleaned

2. Torn Down

5. Repaired and Sonnax Upgraded

3. Inspected Again

6. Calibrated to Specifications

Solenoids are tested twice. First on Solex automated Solenoid tester with pressurized hot oil. Second on VBT 4000 under pressurized synthetic oil which stress tests the valve body for real road simulation. Power tested for resistance, amperage Hydraulic leak down tested. Sonnax updated where applicable.

100% Faultless!

All valve bodies are thoroughly tested on state of the art VBT4000 from Zoom Technologies www.zoom-tech.com with computerized Smart Switch technology which utilizes precise real time road conditions and computer controls to simulate every shift point that would occur in the vehicle to verify full function.