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AW55-50SN-VB-SB6 - Sunbelt Valve Body BuildersSunbelt Valve Body Builders AW55-50SN-VB-SB6 - Sunbelt Valve Body Builders


Quick Overview
AW55/50SN –  Complete Valve Body, Sonnax Upgrades, Gaskets and Sub-kit, Remanufactured Linear Solenoids, Tested Shifts, 100% Tested
NISSAN 2005 & UP – Does  include spring under the B5 control valve, has a “B” or “C” casting stamp and the S2 solenoid has a flat top with 4 ribs
Please use following chart with photos & vehicle application to identify proper valve body.
Identify location circled in photo for Casting Stamped Letter in the Valve Body. No Letter, Blank Space or Letter “A” Valve Bodies are considered EARLY. Valve Bodies cast with the Letter “B” or “C” are considered LATE.  Solenoid #2 should be identified: Dome like top is a GM. Flat top with four x-shaped ribs around hole in center is a Nissan or Volvo
   Sunbelt Item #           Casting Stamp                Vehicle Type       
AW55/50SN-VB-SB1         None or A             Early GM, Saab, Saturn
AW55/50SN-VB-SB2            B or C                 Late GM, Saab, Saturn
AW55/50SN-VB-SB3            B or C                 Late GM, Saab, Saturn
.                                                            (2005 & Up with B5 Spring)
AW55/50SN-VB-SB4         None or A                     Early Volvo
AW55/50SN-VB-SB5             B or C              Late Volvo, 2004 Nissan
AW55/50SN-VB-SB6             B or C              Late Nissan – 2005 & Up
Fits the following Nissan applications:
2005-2006 Maxima – V6 3.5L – 5SPD FWD (AW55-51SN)
2005-2006 Altima – V6 3.5L – 5SPD FWD
2005-2008 Quest – V6 3.5L – 5SPD FWD
 $575.00   Valve Body
 $100.00    Refundable Core Charge
             + Shipping & Handling

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