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About Us

At Sunbelt Valve Body Builders we pride ourselves in 100% satisfaction. All of our products are tested at our location in Tampa, Fl. Together our staff has over 50 years of automotive experiences. Our valve bodies are updated, cleaned, and tested and also have a 100% guarantee.
Sunbelt Valve Body Builders is in a privileged position because of the new market segment emerging from the changes in the transmission industry. Specifically, because the return on investment associated with remanufacturing transmission valve bodies is beneficial to both the remanufacturer and the end consumer. The Automotive Industry is rapidly advancing transmission technologies for new makes and models. The transmission owners and builders are frustrated with the lack of adequate test equipment and instructions. The transmission repair owners are feeling the squeeze of comebacks and No-Gos associated with the complexity of the new computer controlled valve bodies.
 Our plan is ambitious…revolutionize the transmission rebuilding business to include a remanufactured valve body along with each transmission rebuild. The benefits of reducing cost of goods sold and increasing profits make it attractive for transmission shop owner to purchase a remanufactured valve body.
Revolutionize the transmission repair industry to guard against loss profits and faulty rebuilds. Supply the transmission industry with the most technically advanced remanufactured Valve Bodies and Solenoids. Deliver expert service, quality, value, sales and customer satisfaction along with every remanufactured valve body.
Located in Tampa, Florida
Privately owned and operated
Over 45 years of transmission rebuilding experience
Automotive Expertise in Euro/Domestic
Transmission Rebuilding and Diagnosis
Master ASE Certification
45 Yrs of Industry Experience
16 Yrs Transmission Shop Owner
26 Yrs Automotive Repair Owner
ASE Certification
Management Expertise
16 Yrs business process management
PMI Certified Professional